Rule # 9 – Know What You Want

The ninth rule of being a man is:

Know what you want

In order for you to be true to yourself and to have a plan for your life, you have to know yourself and know what you want.

Being honest with yourself is an important part of being a man. And it’s especially true here.

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Rule #3 – Act Like People Are Watching

The third rule of being a man is:

Act like someone is watching

How would you act if you knew someone is watching?

When your boss, co-worker, mother-in-law, wife, children, or that jerk who cut you off in traffic make you mad, how do you react?

Would you react differently if you knew someone else was watching?

Think of the person you respect the most. Now imagine you are going to watch a video recording of your behavior with that person sitting beside you and you’re going to have to explain your behavior to them.

Or what if the whole world found out about your actions. What would people think of you? Would you be proud of your actions then?

If you can say yes, then you’re acting like a man. If not, well then chances are you aren’t acting like a man.

Actions are important. People can only see your actions and can’t see your thoughts.

But actions follow thoughts. So your thoughts are important too.

Treat your thoughts the same way as your actions.

What if the whole world knew your thoughts? Would you be proud if everyone in the world knew your thoughts?

Act the way you want the whole world to see you acting. Think the way you want the whole world to know you you’re thinking.

If you do those two things, you can be proud of yourself and who you are as a man.

– Weston Henry


How would you act differently if you knew the whole world could see you?

How would you think differently if you knew the whole world knew what you were thinking?