Rule # 14 – Look Out For Your Team

The fourteenth rule of being a man is:

Look out for your team

The people who depend on you, who look up to you, and who need you are your team.

Your team could be your children, your spouse, co-workers, or players on a sports team.

Whoever your team is, you look out for them.

You become a leader when people trust you to take them in a positive direction. People will be willing to follow you when they look up to you and trust you to look out for them.

You want to be the leader in your house, at work, or in social circles, and to be that leader you have to have people willing to follow you.

People will be willing to follow you when they know that you have their best interest in mind and won’t steer them wrong.

You have to think about what’s best for the people you care about in order to really know what’s best for them. It takes effort, it takes hard work sometimes.

But it’s worth it.

Knowing that you’re strong and wise and protecting and caring for those you care about is a wonderful feeling.

Primal behaviors like protecting your tribe from a bear or leading them to safety through a blizzard don’t really exist today.

But there are still plenty of opportunities to protect your modern tribe, your team, and to lead them to a better place.

Look out for your team, whether they be friends, family, loved ones, co workers, sports teammates, or whoever. If you look out for them, they’ll not only look out for you too but they’ll look up to you and you will be a leader in their eyes.

– Weston Henry


In what ways do you take care of your team? What ways do you do what’s best for them?

In what ways could you improve at taking care of your team?

How do you know what is best for those closest to you?