Rule # 14 – Look Out For Your Team

The fourteenth rule of being a man is:

Look out for your team

The people who depend on you, who look up to you, and who need you are your team.

Your team could be your children, your spouse, co-workers, or players on a sports team.

Whoever your team is, you look out for them.

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Rule # 13 – Take Care Of Yourself

The thirteenth rule of being a man is:

Take care of yourself

In order to accomplish your goals; in order to protect, lead, and provide for those who depend on you; and in order to make the biggest impact in the world, you have to take care of yourself.

Many expressions of manliness in the media and popular culture portray an ideal of men who end up destroying themselves as a positive image.

The message seems to be that in order to be a “good” man, you have to work yourself to death.

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