Rule # 10 – Go After It

The tenth rule of being a man is:

Go after it

Rule number 9 was “Know What You Want” which directly connects with rule 10, “Go After It.” Go after what you want.

A man goes after what he wants. So go after what you want and don’t settle.

And don’t give up. Giving up or settling is weak. It’s telling yourself (and the world) that you aren’t capable of getting what you want.
Instead, keep trying, keep working, and keep going after what you want. If you give up, you automatically guarantee you’ll never get what you want.

If you settle for something less, you’ll regret it.

It’s better to continue working towards the things you want than to ever give up.

Of course it’s also not smart to keep beating your head against a wall. So if you’re not making progress toward getting what you want, then it’s still smart to figure out a better way and change your tactics.

There’s nothing wrong with trying something different.

The goal, the results are what count. Achieving your goals and getting what you want is what counts.

It’s not about how hard you work or how long you worked or how much you sacrificed to get what you want that counts. It’s only if you get it or not.

Hard work and perseverance are admirable and respectable qualities. If they are part of your character, that’s great!

But working hard forever and never achieving your goal and never getting what you want ISN’T better than getting what you want in a smart, quick, or easy way.

As long as you aren’t violating your character, ethics, or the other rules of being a man you’re better off getting what you want the smartest, fastest, easiest way possible.

What matters most is that you’re always making progress towards getting what you want. Know what you want and never stop pursuing it.

– Weston Henry


Do you go after what you want in life or have you given up or settled?

Do you see society valuing hard work over success (getting what you want)?