Rule #7 – Be Clear On Your Values

The seventh rule of being a man is:

Be clear on your values

It’s important for everyone to know their values. And this is especially true for men.

You need to know what matters most to you and what kind of person you want to be.

Once you know those things, then you can have rules for your life and commit to living by them.

It’s crucially important that you don’t compromise your values. Once you know what they are you have to commit to living by them and don’t deviate, don’t flinch, don’t compromise your values.

When pressure or temptation lead you away from your values, and you need to understand they will, resist, fight, persist, and persevere. Don’t let life, people, or the world cause you to compromise your values.

If you believe that honesty is important, then be honest. That means if you find a wallet with $5,000 cash in it, you must turn it in. It’s not OK to have honesty as a value and not be honest. Because it’s not OK to compromise your values.

Or if one of your values is kindness, then always be kind no matter what. Even if someone else is being a huge jerk to you, you have to resist the temptation to react the same way. It’s human nature to react in kind. If someone is a jerk to you, it’s natural to want to be a jerk right back to them. If you value kindness, then can’t react that way. You have to stick true to your values.

Having a steadfast commitment to your values means that you have to choose them carefully. Because you’re committing to live by them for the rest of your life. No exceptions, no excuses.

That’s a big commitment!

But that’s what it takes to be a man. True men have clear values and live by them no matter what. You have to commit to your values and live by them no matter what too.

Think about the values you have for yourself. Take the time to be really clear with yourself on your values.

Review them every day until they are so ingrained that all your actions every day are guided by them.

Make it such a strong habit to live by them that to do otherwise isn’t even possible for you any more.

Commit to renew your dedication to your values so that you never waiver and you hold onto them the rest of your life.

Then you will truly be living your values and have the commitment to them necessary to be a man.

– Weston Henry


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