Rule #5 – Check Your Ego

The fifth rule of being a man is:

Check your ego

In my previous post on rule #4 (Be Proud Of Yourself), I pointed out that taking pride in the positive things you do, are, and have in life is a good thing. It helps remind you to be grateful for those things and it rewards you for the work, effort, and good choices you make.

It’s good to have honest pride.

But it’s bad to have false pride (ego).

False pride, or ego, goes against almost every principal of being a man. It clouds judgment, gets in the way of doing what’s right, gets in the way of helping others, causes people to act against their values, and more.

Ego prevents you from admitting when others are right and you are wrong. Taken even further, ego can blind you to the reality that others have valid points of view.

Ego gets in the way of listening to other people because you think you already know what they’re going to say or that you have all the answers and don’t need to listen to them.

Ego can lead to self-righteousness because you are so sure your beliefs are right. Only your beliefs are right. And everyone else who doesn’t believe as you do is wrong.

Ego as I’m referring to it here is your opinion of yourself, your sense of self-importance.

If you think you’re more important than others, if you have an artificial opinion of yourself that’s not true with reality, then you’re going to protect that thinking. You will reject the truth because the truth conflicts with your opinion of yourself.

Being honest with yourself is a key component of being a man.

False pride, ego, makes you worried about how you look and what others think about you and afraid to take chances because you’re afraid of failure.

It also makes you think too highly of yourself. You may start to think that you’re more important than other people, that you’re always right, that your opinion matters more, that your needs should come first, and that looking good to other people is more important than being a good person on the inside.

Don’t let ego keep you from doing what’s right. Don’t let it get in the way of being a man.

– Weston Henry


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